14 Days Of Love: Photo Challenge Day 2

Today’s photo challenge prompt was “heart.” I nearly forgot about participating (this is not new news, I forget about these challenges so easily sometimes!) until most of the day had passed. But while playing Playdoh with Keira and we were rolling out some snakes, I remembered. And then just like that, there was a photo heart that we made together.

Playdoh time with my littlest girl is always a fun part of our day. I have always loved the smell of the squishy fun stuff and she enjoys it between her toes. She puts it on the floor and stomps it flat. Those little toes – it’s just so cute!

heart photo challenge 

And if you thought you were missing day 1, you’re not, not really! Day 1 of the photo challenge was “selfie.” That’s really not something that I do regularly since I tend to be more comfortable behind the camera, not in front of it. But you can see more about me and my day 1 photo in here.

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*If you’d like to know more about this photo challenge, see the previous post here.

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