14 Days Of Love: Photo Challenge Day 3

When you’re given a prompt like “red” for the photo challenge, “red” could be anything. I look around the room and I can easily pick out at least a dozen things that I could get a little creative with. But when you pick up a kiddo from school and head to Target (red!!) for a few things and you remember that we need to restock the m&m stash, Valentine candies for the win!

There really is something beautiful (and delicious) about a bowl full of little chocolates, right? It was really tricky to get them all separated, because Valentine varieties also come with pink and white ones too. And then all the little tiny fingers from all the little tiny kids wanted to keep getting in my shot. I made it. And then we ate them.
red photo challenge

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*If you’d like to know more about this photo challenge, see the original post here.

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