14 Days Of Love: Photo Challenge Day 4

It’s my birthday! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’ve lived this life for 43 years already! And then there are those days when it’s like WOW! I’ve been doing this life for 43 years! But I’m thankful for it all no matter which way it comes around. I’m just glad that it comes around!

My day started with Hannah picking me up early in the morning for a surprise. I’m not typically a fan of surprises, I kind of like to know what’s coming at me and what’s going on. Yes, that’s a little bit of control freak coming out. But like my sister said to me, “At least with Hannah you know it won’t be sushi and a scary movie!” That’s true! My girl wouldn’t surprise me with something she knows I wouldn’t like. Thankfully! She loves sushi but knows that wouldn’t go over with me.

About half-way there, she turns to me with this smile on her face and says, “Do you want to know where we’re going?” She couldn’t contain her excitement anymore! I just laugh at her. She took me to a wonderful little spa for a 1 hour massage. OH MY GOSH that was just what I needed! It was wonderful and amazing and definitely a great way to start the birthday off! Here is us, post massage, still having face in the hole wrinkles and ahhhhhhs. 

 post birthday massage

We came home and James and the little kids surprised me with donuts and chocolates and balloons and flowers. They know what mama loves! It’s these little moments that speak to me so much. The thoughtfulness of others for someone else. 

balloons littlemoments
We went out for lunch, ran a couple errands, and just spent plenty of family time at home. I replied to at least 100 Facebook birthday wishes and answered phone calls and texts and my mama came by with cake!

It was definitely a good day – just the way I like it. 

Here’s to another trip around the sun and at least 43 more to come!

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