Goodbye, Jelliebeanie

My soft, sweet, cozy, lovey, Jelliebeanie. I can’t believe that we had to say goodbye to you already. This life, it’s just not fair.

Hannah found you as a 2 week old kitten, abandoned and missing your mama. For weeks, we bottled fed you and Butterscotch, around the clock. I’m ever so thankful to have been a vet tech at the time and was able to cart you two back and forth to the clinic with me every day. Never in my life would I have imagined having to “potty” some kittens of my own, but I did. (I was so thankful when you learned to use the litter box!) It was hard to let you go back on the farm but we were so grateful when you were able to come live inside with us. And there you have been for all these years. 


I can't believe that we had to say goodbye to you already. This life, it's just not fair. #petloss Click To Tweet

You cautiously embraced each new family member, all 6 people, 2 dogs, and 2 more cats! I know that wasn’t easy on your wide open spaces needs. You made room for everyone and everyone made room for you in their heart. That wasn’t hard at all. You were always so generous with your snuggles and sleepy time on the beds. You loved ham and cat treats, tuna, and cheese. You didn’t mind having your nails trimmed, but you loved sharpening them on our stair posts. (ugh!)  You were always purring, seemingly smiling, great at keeping the dogs in check, loved the sunshine on the deck railing, and keeping the yard rodent free. 

Having to say goodbye was far too sudden, so unexpected. We didn’t have time to prepare our hearts or our memories. 15 years is such a long time to love a kitty. We are so thankful for that. But the past few weeks without you have been a struggle. It’s just not the same around here. While you liked to keep to yourself plenty, you were always there, around the corner, on the bed, under my feet. I miss you under my feet. I just miss you.


Our fur family has decreased by 3 in just 7 months. Suddenly “Our Zoo” just doesn’t quite have the same feel to it. I have always bragged up our large family and large menagerie of beasts. And while we are still a large family, we now just have a “normal” size menagerie. The 3 cat food dishes are now too many. The large water dispenser now only gets filled half full at a time. It’s just not the same. It just doesn’t feel right. My heart is broken. For all the times that I curse being the only one who cares for all the animal’s needs, I feel like I’m just not doing enough anymore. There just isn’t as much to do. 

I’m so thankful for the snuggles, purrs, and memories. Our lives are forever extra special because you were in it, Jelliebeanie.  You were one of a kind and we loved you so much!

Goodbye, my girl.

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