Goodbye, Ruby

Just over a week ago, we sent our Corgi girl, Ruby, over the Rainbow Bridge after saying our final goodbye. These are the hard days of our lives. Trying to cherish all of the wonderful things that our pets do for us every single day while making that hard decision that their quality of life has deminished enough that it’s time. Time to sleep forever. 

Saying goodbye, It’s so hard. So heartbreaking. So humbling. It doesn’t matter how much you think you have prepared, you just haven’t. Your heart just feels like it’s sinking to the bottom of the deep dark ocean, you question everything, and you wonder how you go on with your days.

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Seemingly irrational, that’s such a sucky feeling anyway. When your family dog has been their for all of your babies and made your life crazy and fun and energetic, you worry that those things might just stop. I KNOW that they won’t, but that doesn’t change the thoughts or feelings. Days later, I’m still having a hard time. The little kids comment on how they miss Ruby. I miss her too. I miss her a lot. I miss her so much that I think that I see her in the hallway or in the entryway. I still think I’m seeing Hazel from time to time too. I love those moments, but it’s still hard.

We moved into this house in 2006. The kids had been begging for a dog, but coming from a place without a fenced yard, it was a no-go. I may like walking dogs, but I did not want to HAVE to walk the dog several times a day. So we looked for a house with a yard that was already fenced. We were so pleased with the large fenced yard of this home and just knew that it would be perfect for a Corgi to come live with us! And she did. Born September 11, 2006, a tiny little crazy Corgi beast moved into our home, yeard, and hearts in November. We had had cats for a few years so the kids were already familiar with pets, but not dogs. And oh what fun she was! 

Her herding instinct was strong – herding kids and cats and chasing birds out of the yard. She nipped at our heals for a time, but thankfully she outgrew that! She was an avid barker. I say that with love and affection and trying to keep it positive. (But really, it was so annoying) Her tiny little legs carried her body in little bouncy flouncy motions and we would just giggle while watching her play. It was instant love! Something so long awaited for was such a joy in our life. So much so, that we got her a “brother” a year and a half later!

Ruby was always ready for a car ride or a walk. She’d come snuggle and lick the heck out of you at any moment. She cleaned up the kitchen floor after messy kids. Her super soft ears were always available for comfort rubbing. She showed us all (and that includes the cats!) that laying on your back with your legs in the air was a really comfy way to sleep. This is a Corgi thing, I’m sure of it, but it’s totally contagious!  

corgi ruby goodbye

She could jump and clear the baby gate in a single running bound. We’d give her obstacles to see what she could manage – we were certain that she could have easily done well at agility training.

corgi ruby jump goodbye
corgi ruby jump goodbye She would almost knock you over when you came in the door, wiggling her little butt all over the place. If she had a tail, she’d be one of those leg whappers for sure! She always had great enthusiasm for everyone and everything. Poor kitty Thomas, if we said he name, she’d wake from a sound sleep and dart to where he was and chase him so fast! While the insane barking (so high pitched!) drove us nuts, it was hilarious. Unless you were Tom. 

Last May, she was diagnosed with diabetes. We knew then that our time with her was going to be shortened but in all honestly, having her with us 11 more months was more than we expected. She sure was feisty!

There is a definite change around here. Our Casey is really missing his buddy. He’s quite mopey and isn’t eating much. We know pets grieve loss too. He’ll come around soon, I’m sure of that. We all miss the little things about her being here. I have not yet put away her food bowl or her leash and collar.  It’s just sad. My heart is so heavy. 

What I do know is that this girl changed our family, changed our lives, and changed our hearts. Not all moments of pet ownership are all sunshine and roses and fun but overall, she sure was fun to have in our lives. Corgis really are awesome little big dogs! I’m so thankful for her. Our days certainly will be different from here on out but I will always miss her like crazy and remember her fondly.  I know she will always love when I made her sit for birthday hat photos and rubbed her tummy while she slept and asked her over and over if she wanted some cheese so I could see her do an awesome head tilt. She was such a happy and smiley dog.

I love you Ruby DoobieDoo!!

slideshow of our girl: 


I dont’ have many pictures of Ruby and Hazel together, but I found this one while searching and think it’s a fine way to end this post – both of our very missed loves, sleeping together. Oh, my heart.

corgi ruby hazel cat goodbye

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9 thoughts on “Goodbye, Ruby

  1. So sorry for your your family, for the loss of your Ruby, Heidi! We've been through a couple of difficult hard pet losses so, we know the feeling. I'm a little stunned at seeing her ability to jump obstacles, for a Corgi!(?) Pretty impressive. It's clear through your photos and story that she had a good life of love with you all. You've got to find some peace, in that.
    1. We were always so amazed by that too! She would do it all day long if we let her! We'd throw the ball or stand on the other side and call her and she'd run and leap right over it! She used to be able to jump up and down off our bed too - but not for several years now. It has been hard. Probably most on me and Hannah but we all cope a little differently. She had a wonderful life, she was well loved, and loved right back! Thank you. :)
    2. I firmly believe Ruby was part rabbit....2 pets in one!!!! Love you sweet girl...and much loves to all of you, Heidi...she had the best family and loved her part in raising them all.
  2. Oh Heidi, my heart goes out to you! My 'shadow' left us last year and I still miss her dearly, even though we still have four other dogs. One of ours has a really high pitched bark too, which grates, but I'd miss it. I love the photos of Ruby hurdling the indoor gate. That was perfectly timed! You'll always have an ache in your heart when you think of her, but remember her often. xx
    1. Thank you Debbie. Every day we think of new things that we miss. Things we didn't think we'd miss - like her wimpering from just outside the dining room while we were having dinner. It's just different without her. I think Casey likes the extra attention since we're always looking out for him and keeping him busy but I can tell that he misses his friend too. Thank you so much for your kind heart.
  3. I am so sorry for your lose as a dog owner I can really understand how you can get really attached to animals. My oldest dog I have had for four years and I can not imagine not having him in my life.
    1. Thank you so much Christina. We have had a rough few months with petloss but we're doing ok now. We just miss her so much. It's hard when we know we will outlive our beloved pets.

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