Well, Hello, 2016!

I am a permanant fixture on the road of good intentions. I might just be stuck there. But better good intentions than no intentions? I had hoped to start 2016 off with some fresh content right from the get go. But life, it’s busy. I wake up so motivated for all kinds of things and within an hour, all of that gets derailed by little beings who call me Mom. While that is sometimes frustrating, I can’t imagine it any other way right now. This crazy, awesome life, I love it for all that it is. And sometimes, that puts sitting at my computer on the backburner. And that’s ok.

But really, not only did the first couple of days of the year get away from me, the whole first half did! It’s January 14th. Wasn’t it just New Year’s Eve? No? oops. Time flies people.

I had made a list at the end of last year of so many things that I wanted to do in the new year. Some was the usual goal setting, some was fresh photo and writing ideas, some was parenting and relationship related. Yeah. Where is that procrastinators anonymous group again?

One thing I really wanted to focus on, and it’s not too late but I haven’t yet started, was handwriting and journaling. I didn’t tell myself that it was going to be a daily thing, because I know how that will turn out for me, but I used the terms “more frequently.” I haven’t started. But maybe I will today.  I have a lot of thoughts in this silly little head of mine. Not all of it needing to be shared with the world. But things that I’d just like to put down and have a little quiet space for me.

Are you a handwriting journaler? Tell me about how you make it work for you. 

I started simple – no fancy journal, just an 88 cent basic “composition notebook” from Target. I figured that if I actually keep it up like I want to, then I can upgrade. 🙂

I have some great things to share, some new ideas and plans, a lot of great things on the cusp of our 2016. Too much to cram into these few minutes when the baby is actually napping.

This is scattered, I’m sorry. My brain is a bit on overload.

Mostly, I want to say happy 2016! I’m so super stoked to take the blog in a bit of a new direction and look forward to networking with and meeting other bloggers and followers and for sharing all of our fun and joys and family life. 

Obviously – the blog has already begun it’s makeover – still a work in progress – but if you see any obvious errors or concerns, please let me know!

More later, off to make some soup. It’s cold up here!

 A snowy start to 2016 


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