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Have you ever LOVED your family’s thermometer? Is it WEIRD to LOVE your family’s thermometer? Well I do! Last fall I was introduced to the Kinsa Smart Thermometer and have been wanting to share my love for it!  Though it has always seems sort of silly to share about a thermometer. But today, we’re using it again and I got an email with an awesome offer for everyone so I’m sharing!

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For a large family, we’re typically pretty healthy compared to what some might think. But every once in awhile, we get slammed with something (not always major) that runs through most of us. We have kept sheets on the refrigerator with everyone’s times and temps and meds given. This way we could have a visual track of what’s going on and not have to rely on our exhausted memories.  One day I said (outloud even!) that it would be great to have an app to keep track of it all without having to do anything. But I didn’t even think to look into that option. Until a short time later, a mama friend mentioned her new favorite thermometer (see, I’m not the only one!) and I checked it out. And then I bought it the next day.)

#1 Smart Thermometer for Moms

You will see that while Kinsa offers a super affordable more traditional stick thermometer, there is also an ear thermometer and a really cute Sesame Street version too. You just have to set it up with the app on your phone, plug it in, and you’re ready to record temperatures. Each family member can have their own profile and it keeps everything stored for you!

kinsa smart thermometer family profiles

What I love about the Kinsa Smart Thermometer  for us is that the stick is very slim and flexible so easy to use with our little ones. I can carefully slip it into Keira’s cheek while she’s nursing so her teeth aren’t involved and so she will hold it in there. This method is likely not as accurate as under the tongue but most times we’re looking for a general idea anyway. And while the temperature is measuring, there are floating bubbles on your phone for the little ones to pop with their finger. It’s a cute distraction for them for sure. And in most cases, it reads the temperature pretty fast – faster than most other digital brands. And after the temperature is read, there are fever guidelines to help you through those tricky times of what you should do with a fever.kinsa smart thermometer family profiles

The ear thermometer is bluetooth so there is no tethering to your device, which is a great option too, for those that like the ear model. I’m actually thinking of getting one to have the option of methods!

So when our family got hit with Influenza at Christmas time this past season, this thermometer was my lifesaver. Between myself and 3 little kids, all of our records were in one spot. This is easy to watch for trends too. I even showed the screen to our doctor when we went in for diagnosis too! I didn’t have to think back and try to remember which kid did what and when. She was quite impressed!

This  thermometer is definitely one that I’m so thankful to have and cannot imagine being without. Whenever anyone is talking thermometers or about their family illnesses, I ask if they know about Kinsa. I’m just trying to do my part to help make every parent’s job a little bit easier!

#1 Smart Thermometer for Parents


*This post contains affiliate links where I receive a small compensation when you make a purchase from that link. All opinions and reviews are mine.*

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