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Today, I begin this journal. I have a lot on my mind. There are days when I feel like my head is a swirling cyclone of ideas and to-do lists, jumbled up with stories and moments, and no place to go. Their filing cabinet is overfull and spilling out into a forgotten nothingness. I feel like I’m being wasteful with my time, inspiration, and creativity. I just have to do something about this.

I’ve tried paper journals and apps. (one day we will talk about all these apps) Though it’s scratch pieces of paper with temporary thoughts and entries that I end up with and an unused app taking up precious storage space on my phone.  I’m going back to what feels comfortable and more natural – my keyboard and my blog.  I don’t care if it’s not always the correct way to do things or if I have to sometimes sensor my personal thoughts and feelings before putting it out into the masses.  I need to clear these thoughts and put them in a space where they are loved and nurtured. That’s what I do, I love and nurture.

I need to clear these thoughts and put them in a space where they are loved and nurtured. Click To Tweet


Is it weird to think about loving and nurturing your thoughts? I think this falls into the category of “self-care.” I just don’t always have the time to get away from my responsibilities and do things just for me – even though I want to. But then I am left with all of these things bouncing around in my head. They need some TLC too. I’m realizing this. I’m finding it easy to be lost in the chaos and I’m kind of letting it happen because I’m not giving my brain what it needs. It needs some calm. But it’s so full, it can’t be calm.

That's what I do, I love and nurture. Click To Tweet

I sometimes feel like there are certain things that scream at me. Maybe it’s the something that was really important that I forgot about until it was 2 days too late. Or the something that I want to make before she gets too big and every day she’s just getting bigger and bigger and pretty soon I will have run out of time.  And often times, it’s something that I want to share with others because I know it’s helping me and I want to share the love and help them as well. But all of those ideas are dying a slow death inside my head because I’m too focused on formalities and rules and times and social everything.

What I’m Going to Do About It

I’m going to let all of that go right here in a brand new category on my blog called My Journal.  But that’s all it is, is a category (and probably a hashtag), because I totally know that it’s sometimes going to have no rhyme or reason other than to be my journal, my thoughts and whims. Maybe my daily nonsense or funny stories. Things that I just need to get out but not necessarily develop into something amazing, they’ll go here.

And they will be loved.
They will be nurtured.
And they will be wonderful in their own way.


I once started a Pinterest board called “Journal This” because I thought it would be amazing to doodle all these fun ideas and make them pretty and keep them forever and ever. The truth is, I have 6 kids and man that I love and a dog and 3 cats and next to no time to sit still for very long and do something like that. Sure, I could make time, but I don’t. I’m a bit lazy and a lot of procrastinator runs through these veins. But you can check that out and maybe it will inspire you too.

Tell me, do you journal? What do you do with all the things filling up your head? I know that I can’t be alone in this one, right?

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