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I started this blog years ago with intention to share our every day kinds of things with distant friends and family and to have an ongoing documentation of our crazy, awesome life. There were times when it was all about me, a place I could just share my thoughts and write creatively. There were times when there were a lot of pictures of my kids, they’re really amazing and adorable! And then there were times, when things got a little iffy and the internet got a little creepy on me, and I took a step back to take a good look and figure things out. And then I lost my mojo. I never did write quite the way I wanted to. I feel like I’m always guarding or that I’m saying too much, or that I’m rambling on about nothing. I got stuck in my own head. I get stuck in my own head a lot. This is me. I know this about me. I want to break that habit.

Just over a year ago, I stumbled onto a group of awesome and inspiring bloggers and learned that there are so many ways to blog. And being stuck in ones own head, is a common thing. I’ve learned a lot of great things from these ladies and I am giving this a go once again, in a bit of a different direction, with a bigger meaning, and with a wider purpose. And I’m starting with a bit about me, because sometimes that’s important and maybe my head will clear some at the same time.

  • First and foremost, I am a mother of 6! Being a mother is my unintentional turned extremely intentional life’s work. There is nothing that brings me greater joy or that can be the most challenging. And I love this challenge!
  • I am a fiance to an extra special love of my life. Thank you, James, for being the one
  • I am a daughter. I am a sister to 2. I am a dear friend to a few and a good friend to many.
  • I am an encourager, a creative, an advocate, a supporter, and a positive thinker. These are probably some of the most important things to know about me.
  • I am kind, probably not very funny even though I think I am, and compassionate.
  • I am a survivor.
  • I am fiercely independent. 
  • I am sensitive. I cry when I’m happy, sad, mad, frustrated, confused, etc. Sometimes I cry more because I can’t believe I’m crying. But no, I’m not always crying. 
  • I am a lifelong procrastinator.  (the struggle is real)
  • I am moody, stubborn, and determined. 
  • I enjoy writing, doodling, photography, sewing, fresh air, sunshine, animals of all kinds, walking, biking, playing with my kids, and laughter.
  • I am a junk food and Survivor (the show) addict.
  • I am often a lazy housewife. 
  • I am always cold. 
  • I enjoy quiet time. Especially in a house with so many, a little solitary time is well deserved! I just wish I got more of it. 🙂 All in due time.
  • I love coffee and cocoa and echinacea tea.
  • I am a dreamer.
  • I am a stress eater. I am a nail biter.
  • I am passionate. 
  • I am inspired.
  • I am hopeful.
  • I am simple and complex. I am also indecisive and very decisive.
  • I am always looking for something more. Not that I’m never satisfied, I just think that there is always something more.
  • I am probably missing a dozen key points, but that wouldn’t surprise me. These things are always better thought out in my head than applied.
  • I am grateful for so much, for this life, for being who I am. 
  • I do not take these days for granted. These hard days. These amazing days. These days spent with ones I love are so appreciated. I had a different plan for my life. But there is no way, never ever, would I give up any of what my life is now for what I thought I wanted it to be. I am so thankful for where my path led and for where it is going.

heidi, this is me
As I end this little bit about me, know that I’m just as interested to know about YOU. Please share a comment with a few things you’d like me to know about you. Getting to know each others is awesome!

And with that in mind, if you’d like to get to know some other awesome mamas (so far, it’s just mamas) come on over to the We Are Loving This Life Community on Facebook. We’d love to have you!


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About Heidi

Heidi loves being a full-time, hands on mama to her 6. She enjoys helping, guiding, and encouraging others though pregnancy and parenthood and all that comes along the roads inbetween. A positive outlook and laid back style are the at the core of all that she does!

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